Kids Are The Solution Project

A Non-Profit Corporation

Professional Development
Classroom Presentations
"By the kids-For the kids" 

featuring the

Teen Social Mentoring Network
(grades 7-12)
and the 
Kindness Matters Clubs
(grades k-6)

Session A 
Reversing the Culture of Bullying

Non-confrontational Strategies
(Draining the Bully's Power)
Activies and Social Interaction
Dialogue, Problem Solving, & Role Playing
Follow-up curriculum
(currently available upon request)

Session B 
Freedom to Choose:
My Attitude Is MY Choice
Pause for your "Freedom to Choose Moment"
Personal Empowerment
(Ditching Complaining & Blaming)
Contagious Behavior  (+) and (-) 
Social Confidence & Independence

Session C
Socially Safe Ways to
 Deal with Negative Peer Pressure
Reality Checks
Gather Positive Support

Session D
Win-Win Lifestyle
Wining without Arguments
Respect & The Art of Negotiation
Active Listening

Session E
Service As A Way of Life:
Fulfillment IS Happiness 
Making A Difference Mindset
Living with Purpose

Session F
Building Healthy Relationships

Session G
Financial Literacy
Budgets, Good & Bad Debt
Entrepreneurship for Change & Independence

Full Curriculum Available*
" Real Life" Skills:
Personal Empowerment 
& Social Awareness

A one year curriculum for 7th-8th Grades
(*Includes all topics listed above)
Inquire regarding access

to Book Professional Development: